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  • Do you deliver?
    Yes we deliver city wide with in the I275 belt with and some areas outside of the belt. There is a charge for delivery.
  • Can I get same day delivery?
    Yes we do same day delivery up until 11 am on the outer zip codes and up until noon on the closer zip codes and funeral deliveries as time permits.
  • Can I get a specific delivery time?
    No, we do not guarantee any specific time deliveries unless it’s a funeral and then we do our best to meet those specific times. We can do morning time frames on the closer in zip codes. For Holiday Deliveries we do not offer any time specifics due to higher volume of deliveries.
  • Can I get wine delivered with my gourmet basket?
    No, we do not have the liquor license required for us to deliver that. If you choose to bring in an item to attach to your order we can deliver that.
  • Can I bring in my own container and have an arrangement made in that container?
    Yes, we will gladly fill any container you wish to bring in however we do not guarantee replacement for damaged items in delivery. The price of your arrangement will vary depending on the size of container and materials needed to fill the request.
  • How long should I expect my flowers to last?
    Depending on the particular flowers, some may last a week to ten days and the more fragile spring type flowers may last three to five days. Our roses should last five to seven days and some varieties as much as ten. The longevity is also affected by the temperatures in the home and watering daily. We do shop the market daily to ensure the freshest products.
  • How far ahead should I order my wedding flowers?
    Here at Piepmeier’s we prefer that you have your dress and your maids dresses ordered so that we have definite colors and styles to compliment. We have some brides order as early as a year ahead to as little as a month ahead. To ensure availability we suggest a deposit at least 6 months ahead.
  • How far ahead to I have to order my corsage for the dance?
    We make corsages right up to closing time, however to ensure specific flowers we suggest two days ahead.
  • Can I order flowers today and be billed for payment?
    We are no longer able to open new billing accounts. We require a credit card or pre-paying in the shop with cash or check.
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