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We make choosing flowers for wearing easy whether it's for a dance, that special prom, a wedding, your anniversary or just because you want to surprise someone. Remember it's best to compliment rather than match for the occasion. Wrist corsages are more popular for the dances and pin on corsages are more popular for weddings and anniversaries. Be sure you specify your choice when ordering.


The proper way to wear your corsage or boutonniere is always on the left shoulder or wrist or the left lapel of the jacket. 


To properly pin on the boutonniere or shoulder corsage place it on the center of the left shoulder slightly angled. Using the corsage pin with your free hand go through the fabric, through the stems and through the fabric again. Stick the tip back into the fabric so that it does not stick out or poke the skin under the fabric.


For more information on corsages or boutonnieres or to place an order, give us a call today!

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